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George Nelson is a London-based photographer, author, curator and lecturer.

His 2020 photobook, Scenes, gazes upon London's jazz milieu during a period of increasing contrast and diversity, building upon his first major work, Come Sunday (2013), which centred around London’s Italian immigrant community and their singular relationship with football.


George's pictures feature on album covers by jazz artists Alice Zawadzki, Shifa (Rachel Musson, Pat Thomas & Mark Sanders), Neil Charles, Romeo Velluto and OHS (David Okumu, Tom Herbert & Tom Skinner). He is the founder and curator of Moment's Notice, a monthly London event showcasing leading lights in the art of spontaneous composition; each episode consists of a one-off duos and trio playing fully-improvised, 40-minute sets. 

The event has featured the likes of Moses Boyd, David Okumu, Shabaka Hutchings, Cassie Kinoshi, Ashley Henry, Byron Wallen, Oscar Jerome, Ivo Neame, Laura Jurd, Sarathy Korwar, Heidi Vogel, Xhosa Cole, Julia Biel and Tamar Osborn. 

The template for the event was initially set at the Scenes book launch in January 2020 which featured esteemed improvisors Binker Golding, Nathaniel Facey,  Ade Crispin Robinson, Jason Yarde, Alice Zawadzki & Jon Scott.  


Previously, George’s photographic accounts of Mexico City’s 2011 ‘Week of protest’ had featured in an assortment of Mexican publications.


In 2009, George would curate ‘Black Powers’, an exhibition centered on black identity in the medium of comic books.

 ‘Black Powers’ featured original drawings from Woodrow Phoenix, John Aggs, Patrice Aggs, Lance Tooks as well as co-curator Paul Peart-Smith. The exhibition would emerge as one of the highlights of Comica: London’s International Comic Festival.


George studied English Literature and Cinema at Brunel University.



George is also the author of esteemed music & cinema site and the creator of its popular 10 Seconds feature. (formerly known as was launched in 2014, initially as a space dedicated to digging out jazz-related treasures from the deepest, darkest crypts of the Internet. This included links to obscure jazz-scored short films and animation, jazz-themed documentary and the impossibly great John Lewis Show. Every link is accompanied with a George Nelson written review.


The site has since expanded to guest interviews and articles including the hugely popular 10 Seconds series. Guests have included Shawn Lee, Ursula Rucker, Oscar Jerome, Sam Jones, Sarah Tandy, Jessica Lauren, Xhosa Cole and Robert Stillman. 



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